Feedback on the lecture delivered by the President at Nazarbayev University


                                    Feedback on the lecture "Kazakhstan on its way to the knowledge society " delivered by  President Nursultan Nazarbayev at Nazarbayev University


Paul Beedle,

Assistant Director, Education, University of Cambridge International Examinations

We are all focused on equipping pupils in Kazakhstan to learn how to learn, and becoming indendent, self-motivated, engaged, confident, responsible and critically reflective learners, able to communicate effectively across languages, with different audiences, and using digital media competently and creatively. As they continually develop their own professional thinking and practice to achieve this, teachers need themselves to be active and open-minded learners.  

So it is vital that trainers and experts understand how to enable their teachers to learn effectively and to apply what they are learning in improved classroom practice. Cambridge has been very much involved in training trainers and experts to understand the key principles and develop their training and assessment skills. We have been very impressed by the motivation, commitment and quality of our Kazakhstani colleagues. They are dedicating their hearts, minds and hands to the Centres of Excellence initiative. They are forming a strong community of practice, in which they are sharing..


 Ian Nisbett, team leader

Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Taldykorgan


On Wednesday the international teachers at Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Taldykorgan had the opportunity to hear the President speak via video conference to ten million young people about the future of Kazakhstan. The message was very inspirational as he encouraged young people to be industrious and always seek new knowledge through education. He spoke about the need for the economy to diversify and branch into industry to develop products in Kazakhstan. He also spoke about the need for investment in Kazakhstan so people and the nation can profit. The President delivered his speech from Nazarbayev University and stressed that young people should seek opportunities to develop skills in research and critical thinking to become successful.

As international teachers we appreciate the President’s message and recognize the responsibility and importance of our roles in educating students. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the development of young minds in Kazakhstan and in particular at Nazarbayev Intellectual School.


Andrew Walden,
International Vice-Principal at Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Astana

If today’s lecture by the nation’s leader, President Nursultan Nazarbayev, is our barometer, and in my view it certainly should be, Kazakhstan really is on the road to the knowledge economy, and at lightning speed! Listening to the President’s words of wisdom this morning, I couldn’t help asking myself this question: “How many countries have made such a remarkable transition in educational standards in the space of just 21 years?”.  Of course, the answer is not a difficult one: “very few”. In fact, I can’t think of any. Is there another nation which has placed quite so much faith in the education reform process, with an ambition of achieving the best international standards, and which, as a consequence, stands to be so handsomely rewarded for its commitment to economic development through the education of its people? I don’t know of one. In this way, as in others, Kazakhstan is undoubtedly the most remarkable and unique success story of the early 21st century.

Notable for its utter clarity of vision, its compelling sense of purpose and its genuine appeal to the common man, the underlying message of the President’s lecture today was crystal clear – the Government of Kazakhstan has made the commitment to invest in our nation’s future through education, now it’s your turn! Addressing the young people of Kazakhstan in his inimitably direct style, the President urged and inspired them to make the best of their educational opportunities and to continue to improve themselves as the nation’s future “intellectual capital”.

Speaking from Astana’s wonderfully  leafy University campus of the same name, President Nazarbayev spoke of the need to use this potential to modernise society here in Kazakhstan and thereby contribute to its future economic success. The speech was underpinned by familiar messages from the President about national unity, multilingualism and the need to adopt the best international standards in the nation’s classrooms, all of which are key themes for us at the network of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools being established across the country over the next two years. Intellectual capital is our business – let’s go Kazakhstan!


Stephanie Brown,

Team Leader, Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Mathematics, Kokshetau


On 5 September, 2012 at 10:30, teachers and students were assembled in Conference Hall for speech to students and academic community by President Nazarbayev, welcoming them to the new school year. He outlined his vision for growth and development for Kazakh students with hopes for a bright future. Students were told that Kazakhstan would become a global economic force through trade with other countries and that students have a responsibility to study hard in order to bring technology and advance here.


The President urged students to be tolerant and disciplined and to avoid unnecessary money borrowing as well as indulgence in unhealthy pursuits. He told students that they should ask themselves what they can do to benefit their country and to dedicate themselves to life-long learning and study. He wants the students of Nazarbayev University to create a zone of knowledge around the university which both models and competes with international institutions, namely Cambridge University. He wants students to hasten the development of the country by studying modern technologies which will help the country to improve and thrive.


The target is for students to remain mobile and to commit themselves to improving conditions within the country; those who study abroad were urged to return to Kazakhstan to apply the knowledge they gain here at home. Following his speech, schools from around the country were profiled and individual students had the opportunity to ask questions which President Nazarbayev answered. He closed his speech by raising the spirits of the students in the audience, inviting them to be happy and prosperous in their studies and praising them for their achievements.  


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