School of Physics and Mathematics in Astana

‘Nazarbayev Intellectual School of physics and mathematics in Astana’, an affiliated branch of AEO ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools’, announces competition for a vacant position of a procurement specialist.


1.                 Compulsory: 


University juridical and/or economic degree 

Work experience 

At least 1 year in the aligned sphere, preferably in educational institutions 


Computer literate, knowledge of law database software 


-      Kazakh 

-      Russian 

2.                 Preferable: 

o   AEO work experience; 

o   Experience at state service  (educational sphere); 

o   Certificates of professional development and other merits; 

o   Knowledge of English; 

o   Willingness to develop professionally. 

3.     A candidate must know: 

o   The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Education, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the status of  AEO ‘Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools’, regulatory and legal acts of state regulation in the field of education, as well as documents regulating the organization and conduct of procurement procedures (Rules for the procurement of goods, works and services carried out in accordance with the Rules), internal regulatory and legal acts of the AEO, other documents and management materials and guidelines governing the procedure for the procurement of goods, works and services, budgeting and the AEO Procurement Plan) 

4.     Job descriptions: 

·        development of the Procurement Plan for goods, works, services of the branch on the basis of the approved budget, introduction of changes and / or additions to the Procurement Plan (as required); 

·        organization and realization of procurement procedures for goods, works, and services of the branch under the Procurement Plan, in accordance with the Rules, as well as other internal documents of the AEO; 

·        posting procurement information on the AEO web site; 

·        preventing the acquisition of goods, works and services not covered by the Procurement Plan, within competence; 

·        consideration of letters, applications, and other appeals of individuals and legal entities, government bodies on issues in the field of procurement; 

·        timely and high-quality review and approval of drafts of internal documents, including regulatory documents of the AEO, within the framework of competence; 

·        making proposals, as well as developing new projects to improve the system of procurement of goods, works, services of AEO; 

·        consulting and providing support to the structural divisions of the branch on procurement issues (advises on the compilation and coordination of methodological associations of the training unit, as well as the subsidiary services of the branch, which are the initiators of the procurement, technical specification of goods, works and services, and calculating their needs); 

·        implementation of other functions in the framework of the implementation of tasks and functions in the field of procurement; 

·        submits, in accordance with the established procedure, tender documents for familiarization of the procurement participants;

·        registers, as standardized, received tenders, price offers; 

·        if necessary, requests from the participants of the procurement procedures additional information regarding the explanation of the proposals submitted by them (tender, price); 

·        participates in the examination of documents confirming the qualifications of participants in procurement procedures; 

·        participates in the resolution of disputes relating to the conduct of procurement procedures; 

·        interacts with other organizations in the implementation of procurement procedures; 

·        prepares reports; 

·        carries out market research of market conditions, analyzes the information necessary for the implementation of procurement procedures; 

5.     Additional: 

o   Ability to work effectively in a highly dynamic organization; 

o   Teamwork; 

o   Collaborate in a multibranch structure; 

o   Multitasking 

Please email your CV to

Contact address: Nur-Sultan, 21 Khussein ben Talal Street, +7 (7172) 55-98-01

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Published: 24 April